Name: Mohammad  

Family Name : Arish

Father’s Name : Din Mohd.

Date of Birth : 26.2.1955

Place of Birth : Iran

Nationality : Iranian .

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married

Qualification : M.B.B.S.,

    D.O.ROYAL College OF Surgeons and Phy.  Ireland,

    MRC Oph.London.

    FRCS Edin.

Language :   1-Persion

2- Arabic

3- English

Address : Al-Zahra eye center , Motahari BLVD 

                Zahedan - Iran  Tel. 0098543 3219915-17

                Fax. 0098543 3233550      


Status : Assistant Professor Depart. Of Ophthalmology .

University of Medical Siences and Health services of Zahedan.


Employment : and Related Professional Activitis and Affiliation

Publication :


1-Ibrahim, M. E. A., Mughal, S. and Mohammed, M. E. Scanning Electrone Microscopy of Maternal Blood Cells and their Surface relationship with the Placenta (published in Act.Obstat . Gynecol.Sca 62: 493-498

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